FCA Maryland Lacrosse

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2023 FCA Blue Team

Welcome to the 2023 FCA Blue team. View the events schedule for details on upcoming tournaments.

2023 FCA Blue Roster


Bo Webster

Jackson BennettAttack

Joshua KellyAttack

Luke WhalenAttack

Michael SmythAttack

Brendan BatemanMidfield

Stephen FulchinoMidfield

Wyatt HottleMidfield

Hunter BowenMidfield

Eyasu KellyMidfield

Donovan LewisMidfield

Joshua NagyMidfield

Jonathan PalmerMidfield

Will RobertsonMidfield

Michael StottMidfield

Oscar WolosonMidfield

Ayden FadrowskiLSM

Gavin ClaryDefense

Sean  CollinsDefense

Ryder DrewDefense

Zach  KurlanderDefense

Thomas LalaDefense

Tyler GroveGoalie

Joe LinthicumGoalie

2023 Blue Coaches

Visit our coaches page to view the full bios for each member of the coaching staff.

Bryan KellyUniversity of North Carolinabkelly@kellyway.com
David KellyUniversity of North Carolinadkelly@kellyway.com
Francis X. SmythPrinceton Universityfsmyth@centuryeng.com
David LinthicumTowson Universitydlinthicum13@gmail.com
Pat SmithRobert Morris Universitypat@eastcoastdyes.com

2017 Spring Practice Schedule

6-MarCalvert Hall6-8pm
9-MarCalvert Hall6-8pm
13-MarCalvert Hall6-8pm
16-MarCalvert Hall6-8pm
20-MarCalvert Hall6-8pm
23-MarCalvert Hall6-8pm
27-MarCalvert Hall6-8pm
30-MarCalvert Hall6-8pm
3-AprCalvert Hall6-8pm
6-AprCalvert Hall6-8pm
10-AprCalvert Hall6-8pm
13-AprCalvert Hall6-8pm
17-AprCalvert Hall6-8pm
20-AprCalvert Hall6-8pm
24-AprCalvert Hall6-8pm
27-AprCalvert Hall6-8pm
1-MayCalvert Hall6-8pm
4-MayCalvert Hall6-8pm
8-MayCalvert Hall6-8pm
11-MayCalvert Hall6-8pm
15-MayCalvert Hall6-8pm
18-MayCalvert Hall6-8pm
22-MayCalvert Hall6-8pm
25-MayCalvert Hall6-8pm
29-MayCalvert Hall6-8pm
1-JunCalvert Hall6-8pm