FCA Maryland Lacrosse

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FCA Maryland Club Championships

View a list of tournament and league wins below. Congratulations to the players, parents, coaches and family for all your hard work.

2016 Spring/Summer

Baltimore Summer Kick-OffUndefeated
2018Baltimore Summer Kick-OffUndefeated
2018UP Lax Summer ShowcaseUndefeated
2019 Blue TeamNXT Summer ShowcaseChampions
2019 White TeamSummer Exposure TournamentChampions
2019 White TeamMadLax Capital ClassicRunner-Up
2020 Blue TeamNaptown National ChallengeChampions
2020 Blue TeamBaltimore Summer Kick-OffUndefeated
2021MadLax Capital ClassicRunner-Up
2022 Blue TeamBeach LaxRunner-Up
2022 Blue TeamMaryland Lacrosse InvitationalChampions 
2022 Blue TeamVail TournamentChampions
2022 Blue TeamLaxSplashChampions 
2022 White TeamBeach LaxChampions
2023 White TeamBeach LaxChampions 
2023 White TeamMaryland Lacrosse InvitationalChampions
2023 Blue TeamVail TournamentChampions 
2021Bay Bridge BrawlChampions


2015 Fall/Winter

FLG in 3D Fall ShootoutUndefeated
2017Big 4 Fall TournamentUndefeated
2017Towson Autumn GoldUndefeated
2018Big 4 Fall TournamentUndefeated
2018NXT Fall InvitationalUndefeated
2019NXT Fall InvitationalUndefeated
2020 Blue TeamGoals Indoor LeagueChampions 
2023 White TeamMaryland Lacrosse InvitationalUndefeated


2015 Spring/Summer

2018 Blue TeamCrabfeastChampions 
2023 TeamTrilogy Baltimore TournamentChampions 
2022 TeamSummer SizzleRunner-Up 
2017 White TeamBaltimore Summer Kickoff - Session #3Champions 
2020 White TeamMaryland Lacrosse TournamentChampions 
2017 Blue TeamBig 4 Champions TournamentsChampions 
2020 Blue Team2015 - MYLA Spring League 2020Champions 
2022/2023 Combo Team2015 - MYLA Spring League 2022BChampions 
2019 Blue Team2015 - MYLA Spring League 2019Champions 


2014 Fall/Winter

2017 Blue TeamUPLax Fall TournamentUndefeated 
2018 Blue TeamHogan Fall BrawlUndefeated 


2014 Spring/Summer

2017 Blue TeamBaltimore Summer Kick-OffUndefeated 
2017 White TeamGait CupChampions 
2018 Blue TeamBeach LaxChampions 
2018 Blue Team2014 - MYLA Spring League 2018 AAChampions 
2017 Blue TeamPhilly Summer InvitationalChampions 
2018 Blue TeamFLG in 3DRunner-Up 
2017 Blue Team2014 - MYLA Spring League 2018 AChampions 
2018 Blue TeamNDP Atlantic CupRunner-Up 
2017 Blue Team2014 - MYLA Spring League 2019 AAChampions 
2018 Blue TeamSummer ExposureChampions 
2017 Blue Team2014 - MYLA Spring League 2020 SilverChampions 
2018 Blue Team2014 - MYLA Spring League 2021Champions 
2017 Blue Team2014 - MYLA Spring League 2022Champions 


2013 Fall/Winter

2018 Blue TeamHogan Fall BrawlUndefeated 


2013 Spring/Summer

U-15 Blue Team2014 - U-15 AA MYLA Spring LeagueChampions 
U-15 Blue TeamU-15 AA All Met TournamentChampions 
U-15 Blue TeamSummer Sizzle Rising 9th GradeChampions 
U-15 White Team2014 - U-15 AA MYLA Spring LeagueRunner-Up 
U-15 White TeamGreen Turtle TournamentChampions 
U-15 White TeamSummer Sizzle U-15 ARunner-Up 
U-13 Team2014 - U-13 AA MYLA Spring LeagueChampions 
U-13 TeamVail Lacrosse TournamentChampions 
U-13 TeamSummer ExposureChampions 
U-12 Team2014 - U-12 AA MYLA Spring LeagueChampions 
U-12 TeamGreen Turtle TournamentRunner-Up 
U-12 TeamFLG Tournament 2019 DivisionChampions 
U-11 Blue Team2014 - U-11 AA MYLA Spring LeagueRunner-Up 


2012 Fall/Winter

U-15 Blue TeamFall BrawlChampions 
U-13 TeamFall BrawlChampions 
U-12 TeamFall BrawlChampions 
U-11 Blue TeamIndian Summer TournamentChampions 
U-11 White TeamIndian Summer TournamentRunner-Up 
2019AA Champions
2020A Champions
2022B Champions